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This autumn`s LEARNING EVENTS on eTwinning... deadlines approaching...

  • Learning Events are short intensive online events on a number of themes. They are led by an expert and include active work and discussion among teachers across Europe. Below is a list of upcoming events for this term. An application notice will be displayed 1 week before the event is due to begin. For more information click here.
  • Lebendige eTwinning Projekte durch Videos - Tools und Einsatzszenarien

    Date: 22.09.2014 to 10.10.2014
    Expert: Michael Gros 
    Language: German 
    Audience: This Event is suitable for all eTwinning teachers, experienced and inexperienced. 
    Application opens: 15 September

    This Event will explore the effective use of video in an eTwinning project. Where we can use videos with the webcam in a project for example? How we can use screencasts effectively for an eTwinning project?
  • eTwinning - pathway for developing key competences

    Date: 29.09.2014 to 10.10.2014
    Expert: Suzana Declic 
    Language: English 
    Audience: This Event is suitable for all eTwinning teachers, experienced and inexperienced.
    Application opens: 22 September

    The aim of the learning event is to help eTwinners learn about the 21st century teaching skills, use e-learning in everyday school life, use many useful kinds of cooperation and communication in classes. Key competences in the shape of knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to each context are fundamental for each individual in a knowledge-based society. Digital competence involves the confident and critical use of information society technology (IST) and thus basic skills in information and communication technology (ICT). During this Learning Event we will explore and look at ways of improving all eight competences.
  • How to achieve quality label /Ako získať certifikát kvality

    Date: 29.09.2014 to 12.10.2014
    Expert: Kornelia Lohynova 
    Language: Slovak 
    Audience: This event is suitable for all Slavic speaking teachers. 
    Application opens: 22 September

    eTwinning Quality Labels are granted to teachers with excellent eTwinning projects. They indicate that the project has reached a certain national and European standard. The Quality Label is important for teachers and pupils as it is reward for their work efforts. In this learning event we will explore 6 criteria which are important to achieve a Quality Label: Pedagogical Innovation, Curricular Integration, Communication, Collaboration, Use of Technology and Results. We will encourage participants to take active role in various activities through the use of web 2.0 tools to learn, how to run an eTwinning project to be engaging for participants and to get recognition for their activities as well. This event is suitable for all Slavic speaking teachers.
  • Augmented eTwinning Reality

    Date: 04.10.2014 to 13.10.2014
    Expert: Bart Verswijvel & Arjana Blazic 
    Language: English 
    Audience: This learning event is suitable for all eTwinning teachers.
    Application opens: 26 September

    In this learning event the participants will learn how to make their teaching and learning practices interactive and connected to the real-world environment. They will learn how to enhance standard educational material with augmented reality applications that will motivate students to become actively engaged in the learning process and enable them to discover new ways of interactive learning and create their own augmented learning material. Special emphasis will be put on the implementation of outdoor learning in combination with art and the media. Twitter will be used throughout the learning event. The teachers will have the opportunity to try out the activities with their students and implement them in their eTwinning projects.
  • Global education in eTwinning

    Date: 13.10.2014 to 27.10.2014
    Expert: Tiina Sarisalmi 
    Language: English 
    Audience: This Event is suitable for all eTwinning teachers, experienced and inexperienced.
    Application opens: 06 October 

    The idea is to present global education aims and contents as they’re defined in Maastricht declaration, discuss them and find ways to study/learn them collaboratively (using web tools and resources) as part of an eTwinning project. Toward the end of the LE we’re going to discuss Global Citizen’s competences, what they might be and how they could be achieved.
  • eTwinning e l'apprendimento delle lingue straniere

    Date: 20.10.2014 to 02.11.2014
    Expert: Marina Marino 
    Language: Italian 
    Audience: Teachers of foreign languages.
    Application opens: 13 October 

    This Learning Event aims to demystify language learning, often seen as something "difficult" by teachers. It will explore how to provide more individualised approach foreign languages using a vast the eTwinning learning pedagogy, touching on motivating students who tend to feel excluded from the system, enabling collaborative work and considering how to encourage students to use foreign languages as effective communication tools.
  • Developing entrepreneurial skills in eTwinning projects

    Date: 03.11.2014 to 16.11.2014
    Expert: Kornelia Lohynova 
    Language: English 
    Audience: The event is suitable for all eTwinners who want to become active members of our “business incubator” and share their suggestions for improving any aspect of entrepreneurial skills of pupils.
    Application opens: 27 October 

    Enterprise is not only the creation of entrepreneurs, it includes much more. It is about positive attitude and equipping people with the confidence to develop a career and vocational interests, it is about initiative and making things happen. In this learning event we will explore methods and tools to support entrepreneurial mindset and skills of learners. We will encourage our “teacherprenerus” to develop more enterprising approaches to teaching and learning in order to promote pupils´ enterprise capabilities. We will learn how to apply entrepreneurial learning for any age group and how to integrate it into eTwinning projects.
  • Learning outside the classroom

    Date: 12.11.2014 to 26.11.2014
    Expert: Adam Stepinski 
    Language: English 
    Audience: This Event is suitable for all eTwinning teachers, experienced and inexperienced.
    Application opens: 5 November 

    Learning occurs in various places, not only at school. One of them are museums. Traditionally, we took advantage of museums in projects and daily teaching by paying a visit to a museum to learn new things, taking pictures, filming and interviewing museum curators for project purposes. At present interactive museums enable us to carry out experiments, visit virtual exhibitions, create online project collections, modify and make famous masterpieces alive by using web tools. Taking part in the lab participants will use museum resources creatively during consecutive stages of project work and become familiar with a bunch of new pedagogical approaches to museums in the 21st century.
  • Building inclusive education with eTwinning

    Date: 24.11.2014 to 05.12.2014
    Expert: Ursula Simmetsberger & Martina Hochenauer 
    Language: English 
    Audience: Special Needs teachers 
    Application opens: 17 November 

    This learning event focuses on the didactically sound use of web 2.0 tools in special education. The participants gain theoretical knowledge about differentiation and can also try some of the tools hands-on. The tools which are used include Voki, Prezi, Fotostory, Hot Potatoes and many more.
  • Responsible use of the Internet

    Date: 01.12.2014 to 14.12.2014
    Expert: Karl Hopwood 
    Language: English 
    Audience: This Event is suitable for all eTwinning teachers, experienced and inexperienced.
    Application opens: 24 November 

    This Learning Event is aimed at exploring the issues of teaching young people to be safe when using the internet, as well as exploring some of the issues around the use of images, music, and resources while remaining compliant with copyright demands etc. Useful for all teachers who use the internet in their work.

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